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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Walter the Russian Cat - too cute for words

I know, I know this blog is about fun and interesting Russian books... but what's a blog without an occasional cat video? Especially if the said cat is Russian - never mind he can't read!

Walter and his owner Julia live in the Russian city of Orel (which incidentally is a large literary center that has given Russia some of its finest and most prominent writers). She spends some quality time taking pics and videos of him and posting them on Twitter at @CatWalterWhite. Walter happily enjoys his fifteen minutes of fame - actually it's much longer if you add up all the footage she's taken of him.

"Better posting cat videos than reporting stories of political scheming," says Orel blogger boroda_krauhina. "Normal people just want to live and laugh, enjoying simple things in life. Which is why our little white cat is so popular. Cats are the purest form of happiness: they're sweet, soft and cuddly."

Meet Walter the Russian Cat!

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