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Saturday, July 25, 2015

More bestselling Russian LitRPG series:space opera galore!

In the recent weeks, two bestselling Russian LitRPG authors added their latest books to Amazon (in English, of course). And both are set in deep space: think alien races, intergalactic battles and mysterious technologies - all within the conventions of MMORPG.

Andrei Livadny is one of Russia's most prolific sci fi writers. With sixty published novels under his belt, he's just completed his first LitRPG series set in a deep-space MMORPG game of the future. Edge of Reality (Phantom Server: Book #1) is a tough futuristic world where survival becomes your priority... until you have to choose between your own life and those of your friends.

Here's what an Amazon reader says about Edge of Reality, the first book of Phantom Server:

 One of the best new authors in American Sci Fi translated from Russian. FIVE STARS

This author exceeds all expectations. Most of the books in this RPG genre are fairly simplistic. Not this one. It has a terrific arc of characters and complexity of story line that leaves the reader wondering whether it's an RPG or true sci fi where the colonization of the Galaxy takes place by sending consciousness as opposed to bodies. Outstanding book.

I think so too! Phantom Server might just be the coolest science fiction book of this summer.

But that's not all! To be continued...