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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Worst T-shirt Slogan of the Year (in "Russian")

The year has only just started but I don't think anyone can beat this!

The maternity department of the shopping site CafePress is currently offering their pregnant customers a T-shirt inscripted with what they believe to be a Russian word, Cynopoco. The article description says:

Cynopoco is the Russian word for pregnant. This maternity shirt with the word Cynopoco printed on it is the ideal gift for a Russian woman expecting a baby. A fun Russian pregnancy announcement. 

Er, not quite. Never mind they've tweaked the word slightly so it sounds more Spanish than Russian. There is no word cynopoco in Russian (grammaticaly it makes no sense), but there sure as hell is the word супоросая which indeed means pregnant - a pregnant pig. This is the word Russian farmers use when referring to a female pig in a certain condition.

So whatever you do, please don't give this "ideal gift" to a pregnant friend of yours, Russian or otherwise. It just might serve as a perfect excuse to terminate your friendship.