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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A vampire romance novella by bestselling Ukrainian author Victor Nochkin

Did you think Russians (and Ukrainians) don't write vampire romances? Well then, how about Night, Rain and the City - a beautifully disturbing vampire fantasy novella by one of Ukraine's leading fantasy authors Victor Nochkin?

Set in the medieval world of heroic fantasy, Night, Rain and the City is a vampire novella with a difference. The four stories of its main characters gradually intertwine until all four come together in the rain-drenched streets of a night city to fight the battle for one lost soul: the soul of a vampire. The love line is tastefully done: erotic but definitely within the limits of the acceptable, it adds a finishing touch to this piece of medieval fantasy romance - leaving the reader longing for something the novella doesn't quite reveal.

About the author:

Viktor Nochkin is a bestselling Ukrainian fantasy writer, author of 25 traditionally published novels and numerous novellas and short stories that appeared in a number of SF/F publications. Night, Rain and the City is one of the rare translations of his fantasy novellas into English.

Happy reading!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The book is out!

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Russia

is now available for download

on Amazon Kindle

Sending their fictional secret agents to Russia, espionage writers like Graham Greene and Ian Fleming have committed errors which in real life could cost their undercover heroes’ lives. In his masterpiece The Human Factor, Graham Greene made 16 mistakes on 9 pages when describing Russian characters and settings.

In those days of the Cold War, writers didn’t have Russian experts to advise them. YOU DO!

Who we are:
Irene is a native Russian speaker, born and raised in the USSR. Neil has spent the last twenty years studying Russian history and culture. Between the two of us, we know most of what there is to know about the Russians’ everyday life, their background and values.

More than that, we are writers ourselves. We know what a difference the right details make to a story… and how hard they often are to come by. We have the information you need to bring your Russian characters to life.

Let us show you what Russians really feel, think and say. From drinking habits to Stalinist mentality, from travel tips to accent advice, we've got it covered.

If you’ve seen too many Hollywood movies, your idea of Russia is a set of dated, hilarious cliches. Read this book to find out why:
  • A Russian wouldn’t frog-dance unless he was a Red Army Choir member – read Mistakes Sixteen and Seventeen to discover the biggest myths about Russian popular culture.

  • Do you think Soviet Russians called each other Comrade? Read Mistake Twenty-One to find out why they wouldn’t… and learn the protocol of using the Comrade word.

  • How about Russian names? Read Mistake Twenty-Three to find out why your Soviet-era character is highly unlikely to be called Ivan… and see lists of period-related Russian names.

In The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Russia, you’ll discover:

  • Which calendars Russians used during different periods, and how to calculate them
  • What kind of houses Russian and Soviet people used to live in and how those houses were heated, furnished and equipped
  • Why using Russian swear words in your book is not always a good idea
  • How those NKVD officers really felt about their jobs
The book contains many useful extras. Area phone codes, lists of public holidays by period, top 10 Soviet household must-haves, a period-related list of most popular Russian movies, even a top 10 list of dogs’ and cats’ names...

Lots of details to make your story ring true!

The Internet is packed with information about Russia. Some of it is wrong. How can you be sure which facts are correct and which are a lot of old cobblers?

We include links to RELIABLE sources
to help you with your own research.

This book is your guide to Russia and its people throughout history. Pick up your copy today – and get your Russian settings and characters just right!

Be the writer who says,
"I know what I'm talking about!"

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