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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The third book of D. Rus' Play to Live series is out!

The Duty (Play to Live: Book # 3), the third book of D. Rus' bestselling Play To Live MMORPG series premiered today on Amazon to more rave reviews (now why doesn't that surprise me?). This is arguably the best book out of the three already translated, filled with drama and excitement as Max (or should I say Laith the Death Knight) and his friends take on the deadly Chinese mafia who attempt to turn AlterWorld into their stomping ground. The heroes' quest to liberate virtual slaves and defeat evil turns The Duty into a true rollercoaster of action and unexpected twists - new larger-than-life characters join the cast we already know on their way to glory and virtual riches!

A great read, can't recommend it enough.

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