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Saturday, March 23, 2013

More rare pics of Russia: Russian children in 1957-1958

A beautiful collection of vintage photos of Soviet children and their parents circa 1957-1958 from private archives, courtesy of Russian historian and collector ZuboRobo More vintage Russian pics at ZuboRobo's journal (in Russian, but isn't a picture worth a thousand words?)

Russian Science Fiction: Point Apocalypse, the latest novel by Alex Bobl

Now available in English on Amazon, Point Apocalypse is a tough-guy science fiction adventure and Alex' 13th published novel to date.

Point Apocalypse is a powerful and more mature book compared to Alex' earlier novels. Although it still contains plenty of his signature action sequences and expert descriptions of near-future warfare (a professional military officer, Alex is quite at home with the subject), the emotion of the book is raw; the protagonist's experience more intense.

A high tech adventure set in a near-future world, Point Apocalypse tells the story of Mark Posner, a court-martialled Russian army soldier (no spoilers, LOL) who has to escape the post-apocalyptic prison world of Continent Anomalous. Rife with mutated wildlife and ruthless enemies, this newly-discovered planet now threatens the unstable dystopian Earth with destruction unless Mark and his comrades in arms manage to stand in the evil overlords' way.

The story struck me as dangerously believable: the speculative element removed, the political situation described in it sounds a bit too close to home for comfort. Like Alex' previous English-language novel Memoria. A Corporation of Lies, Point Apocalypse is published by Sky Bridge, a small press specializing in translations of Russian speculative fiction. And here's the link to the original Russian novel, out this month in EKSMO, Russia's biggest publishing house.

Packed with plot twists, Point Apocalypse preserves the positive feeling typical of all Alex Bobl's writing: most of his tough saber-rattling characters are naturally kind and mean well, and he describes even the nastiest of their enemies with compassion and understanding. Engaging and three-dimensional, Point Apocalypse offers plenty of food for thought and leaves one feeling empowered and optimistic. Recommended!

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