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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Memoria on Goodreads

Memoria. A Corporation of LiesMemoria. A Corporation of Lies by Alex Bobl

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This noir take on a dystopian USA will appeal to all those who take today's technological advances seriously enough. Imagine a perfect state where even a serial killer can be turned into a cute and cuddly law-abiding citizen, thanks to the obligatory memory cleanse. Imagine a government that claims it can make everyone happy in a crime-free New York, safe in the care of the allmighty Memoria corporation.

Not so crime-free, apparently, otherwise who would want to kill off one of Memoria's top neuroscientists? And what's Frank Shelby got to do with it, a quiet law-abiding citizen who's long forgotten his teenage fighting classes and who is now accused of the murder? The last thing he needs is a dystopian nightmare on his head, but that's what he gets when he ventures into the can of worms called Memoria's HQ.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memoria. A Corporation of Lies on Amazon!

Hi all! I was away for the last few days and couldn't get to the computer earlier, but in my absence, Memoria. A Corporation of Lies, a science fiction action adventure thriller by Alex Bobl, went live on Amazon and is selling!

I promise to write an in-depth review one of these days but my first impression is that this is a good book - literally. This is a story of honest, fearless, brave people taking a stand against a powerful and well-connected evil. It starts as a hard-boiled dystopian adventure of a hunted outlaw - a Russian reviewer went as far as to call Alex Bobl's Memoria a noir technothriller - but very soon the author's natural optimism and positivity took the better of him. A reader in an Amazon discussion called this book "The Three Musketeers in a SF setting", and he's probably right. This is a book about friendship, honor and courage fighting a powerful and cunning ill will. Great news for all of us who haven't yet lost faith in human nature: thanks to writers like Alex Bobl, we have hope that all is not yet lost.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Memoria by Alex Bobl is available on Smashwords!

A pre-launch party! Get yourself a drink and join us at Memoria at Smashwords to celebrate this new SF action adventure from science fiction author Alex Bobl!

When they learn to erase our memories,
When we dismiss violence and deceit as things of the past,
When wars become history we can't remember -

One man will challenge the new order
Because he remembers who he truly is.

Come and grab your copy, fresh from the virtual press!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Memoria by Alex Bobl: a book trailer. Soon on Amazon!

Great news! Memoria. A Corporation of Lies, a dystopian action adventure novel by Alex Bobl, is out in about two weeks on Amazon. In the meantime, the book trailer has been released and is available on YouTube.

Set in a futuristic New York recovering after a devastating resources war, Memoria. A Corporation of Lies tells the story of Frank Shelby, a humble citizen who confronts the almighty Memoria Corporation that makes billions by erasing people's traumatic memories. As all Alex Bobl's novels, this hard-boiled science fiction thriller celebrates the triumph of integrity and friendship over corruption and ill will. The translation is now finished, and in another two weeks the book should appear on Amazon. In the meantime, the trailer: