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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Memoria. A Corporation of Lies on Amazon!

Hi all! I was away for the last few days and couldn't get to the computer earlier, but in my absence, Memoria. A Corporation of Lies, a science fiction action adventure thriller by Alex Bobl, went live on Amazon and is selling!

I promise to write an in-depth review one of these days but my first impression is that this is a good book - literally. This is a story of honest, fearless, brave people taking a stand against a powerful and well-connected evil. It starts as a hard-boiled dystopian adventure of a hunted outlaw - a Russian reviewer went as far as to call Alex Bobl's Memoria a noir technothriller - but very soon the author's natural optimism and positivity took the better of him. A reader in an Amazon discussion called this book "The Three Musketeers in a SF setting", and he's probably right. This is a book about friendship, honor and courage fighting a powerful and cunning ill will. Great news for all of us who haven't yet lost faith in human nature: thanks to writers like Alex Bobl, we have hope that all is not yet lost.


  1. You are being too modest, aren't you the translater?

  2. Yeah, and I'm officially on vacation! :)

    But seriously, I'm very happy that the book went through our editor Neil Woodhead who is an ex military himself so he made sure all the weaponry terms are correct! :)