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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Interview with Sergei Marysh, author of Call Me Human. A Zombie Apocalypse Novel

In today's interview to Suite 101, Sergei Marysh, the author of Call Me Human: A Zombie Apocalypse Novelspeaks about his book, the ideas behind it, and his new writing projects. Read the interview


  1. Looking at the reviews, you almost forget that post apocalyptic, and what I call apocalypse-in-progress is a tradition within sci fi. Some of the sci part of it might be a little bit pushed, but it is still rationally (vs. supernaturally) explained. Lovecraft was most definetly sci fi. That was supposed to be much of the horror of it.

  2. Oh, absolutely! Did I say otherwise somewhere? Oh yes, you're right, I did point out the "scientific nature" of his book in the interview, but that's because the interview targets the layreader who often classify zombies with supernatural phenomena. I agree with you that most of today's PA is (ironically enough) SF by definition.