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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Russian Post-Apocalyptic Fiction: A New Zombie Novel

As promised, more fun and interesting Russian books in English!

Describing the consequences of a Russian zombie outbreak, Call Me Human: A Zombie Apocalypse Novelis a new book from a Russian SF and fantasy author Sergei Marysh which has already received some very positive reviews on Amazon. Readers admit that Call Me Human is "one of the more realistic zombie novels", they "loved the sci-fi/philosophical way this story ended up" and describe it as "a very well written novel and easy to read".

I'm terribly pleased to hear it considering I did the translation and now I'm overjoyed to see Sergei's book doing so well. He is a very special author and a very fine person so he deserves every word of praise for Call Me Human. I recommend it: it's a refreshingly different book that offers a new explanation of a zombie outbreak, as well as a few quite straightforward insights into the human nature. Enjoy!

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