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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Read Russian Books in English update: fun and interesting Russian reads

Hi all,

For some reason, my new blog Read Russian Books in English does not come up in web searches, so here's a quick update!

New fun and interesting Russian books added:

Beemby Gavriil Troepolsky, a short novel depicting tribulations of a lost dog looking for his master. If this story doesn't break your heart, nothing will :)

Crimson Sailsby Alexander Grin, a fantasy romance about Soll - a young girl destined to live out a prophecy made by a traveling storyteller. One of Russia's most treasured books ever.

The Amphibianby Alexander Belyaev, a leading Russian pre-war science fiction author. A short novel set in the 1920s Argentina tells the story of a mad scientist who subjects his adoptive son to a revolutionary experiment... then lives with its consequences. Made into a cult movie The Amphibian Manin 1962.

Enjoy! There're more books on Read Russian Books in English: not many as the blog is only three days old, but I intend to add hundreds more as soon as I can!

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