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Forget War and Peace: this blog offers reviews of fun and interesting Russian books in English, links to their Amazon pages, interviews with new and upcoming Russian authors, with the emphasis on Russian genre fiction: LitRPG, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, romance, mystery and other popular reads.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Read Russian Books in English: fun and interesting reads

Forget War and Peace: Read Russian Books in English offers information about new, fun and interesting Russian books in all genres, primarily science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance.

When I started Russia for Writers a few years ago, I meant it exclusively for those fiction writers who needed a bit of help with their Russian research. But over time, I developed the tendency to digress and, rather than speak about Russia, I wrote about new Russian writers instead. So I've decided to separate the two. Russia for Writers will from now on deal exclusively with the Russian history and culture, covering whatever I failed to mention in my book, The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Russia (Write It Right)

And Read Russian Books in English will be about just that: good Russian books in English, both new and old, which are worth reading and are fun to read. There I hope to interview new Russian writers and offer you lots of good reading suggestions. Because believe you me, the Russian literature is not limited to five or six classic titles, bah! There're lots of good Russian books translated into English, and I intend to cover as many as I can over time.

But I'll still be posting updates here until Read Russian Books in English gets an audience all of its own.  Feel free to pop by and check a few titles you've never heard about before!

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