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Friday, April 6, 2012

A native reader's list of five must-read Russian books in English

Yeah yeah, I know. I'm not going to suggest any of the good old classic titles. War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Master and Margarita, Crime and Punishment, Brothers Karamazov and a few runners-up... you're quite capable of finding them online without me. What I would like to do is direct you towards a few Russian books which are equally good but more fun. Something you haven't heard about. So here goes: a list of my favorite Russian books in English. 

1. Crimson Sailsis a short fantasy novel of love, faith and a life-changing dream that has been nourishing generations of Russian readers. Set in a seaside neverland, it tells the story of Soll: a young girl who lives out a prophecy dreamed-up by a traveling storyteller. A classic in a league of its own, available on Kindle.

 2. The Amphibian This is another fun-and-interesting classic, this time from a pre-war science fiction author Alexander Belyaev. His novels and short stories were remarkable for their dark horror side taken with a healthy dollop of humor. Set in the 1920s Argentina, The Amphibian tells the story of a mad scientist subjecting his adoptive son to a rather cruel experiment... which proved to be a total literary success. In the 1960s, the novel was made into a cult movie The Amphibian Man which, while far removed from the original story, is a delightful work in its own right.

To be continued!

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