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Sunday, December 11, 2011

So, who really won the Russian elections, then?

Yes, this blog is mainly about history, but then again, one day this will be history, too. Ironically, a friend of mine (no names, naturally - you never know who might be reading this) is a local political activist in the North West region of Russia and as such, has numerous contacts among local electoral officials. According to her, the reaction of vote counters in their area boiled down to the following:

"I just don't understand it! According to what we've counted, the Communist Party came first, followed by A Just Russia, followed by United Russia
(that's Putin's party). It's not just us, but at other polling stations in the area the results were the same, that's what their vote counters told me! It's a total mystery! Whatever happened to the results later, it was none of our doing! We're just as clueless as you are!"

Well, being a bit more streetwise than my friend, I'll just say I have some idea of what happened, but - also being streetwise - I'll keep it to myself. But here's a highly enjoyable article dealing with another side of this mystery. At least my friend and her colleagues were above ballot-box stuffing!

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