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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paul Bradbury: Always Look on the Bright Side of... Russia

Writing about Russia is not easy. Being funny about Russia is plain hard. What's there to be funny about, after all?

Writer, traveler and humanitarian aid worker Paul Bradbury describes his adventures in the 1990s Russia with endless humor and wit, while offering some precious insights into the period's mentality and values. The 1990s remain a very special and different time in Russia's history, with its own cultural and social code that's almost completely forgotten by now. In his blog, Paul Bradbury manages to grasp and preserve the very aura of that daring and desperate time, and he peppers the hilariously funny stories of his Russian travels with plenty of detail that is by now almost impossible to come by.

Here're just a few entries to get you going:

Homeless In The Soviet Union - A Long Way From Manchester

The Scary World of the Aeroflot Internal Flight in the Nineties

How To Get Arrested In a Bathrobe At St. Petersburg Train Station


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  1. Irene, it looks like Paul's blog has moved from Suite101 to

    Glad I finally caught up with it, so thanks for posting it here.