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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another tongue-tied president!

... and he's Ukrainian this time!

Victor Yanukovich has barely been elected, but this admittedly ignorant overworked leader is already being widely quoted by his fellow Ukrainians. I don't mind the fact that, according to Yanukovich, Chekhov is a "great Ukrainian poet" (a less friendly reviewer might have used it to comment on the fact that, according to a certain circle of state-supported Ukrainian historians, the entire history of Europe owes its origins to the Ukraine-- and yes, they ARE being serious! -- but being as nice and friendly as I am, I realise he simply confused Chekhov -- somehow -- with Nikolai Gogol, another Russian classic who is indeed also a great Ukrainian poet).

But my favourite is Victor Yanukovich's (I keep repeating it so you can remember the name better) pre-election speech addressed to the citizens of Lviv, Ukraine. In it, the then would-be president intended to greet the Lvivians as "the gene pool of the nation". His education failed the future president again, though, as Yanukovich in his speech welcomed "the genocide of the nation".

Being as nice and friendly as I am, I can only sympathise with this unfortunate slip of the tongue. But don't you feel sort of uncomfortable knowing there's a brand new president out there who doesn't know the difference between a nation's gene pool and its genocide?


1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid, that was the general idea :-)

    I have quite a few friends in Ukraine who've been showering me recently with some of their President's slips of the tongue :-)

    Have a nice day!